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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Services

Although it has been known to humanity over centuries only now it becomes available to the public.

Thanks to innovative inflatable hyperbaric chamber technology we can offer hugely beneficial effects for human health and wellbeing kind of therapy where a patient undergoes oxygen inhalation under increased air pressure inside a chamber thus enriched oxygen is delivered to most remote parts of the body.

It has a great positive impact on humans' health Although there's no strict limitations of the maximum amount of sessions it is recommended to undergo at least 10 consecutive sessions for the best results. Our dedicated and fully qualified team will be more than happy to advise you on that.

You can book your visit by contacting us through our contact page or calling directly on* +35387... and start enjoying Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Oxytherapy - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy based in Dublin

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How it Works

Visit this sectiion to see images and animations on how the process works. Our chambers are characterized by excellent quality, efficiency and innovation in the field of therapeutic devices.

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Hyperbaric Treatments can be used for Sport, Seniors, Post Covid-19, Anti-Ageing, Autism, Beauty applications to name but a few...

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There are situations in which oxygenation of the body in a hyperbaric chamber will not be possible. As with any medical procedure, there are also contraindications here.

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Hyperbaric Chamber Technology offers hugely beneficial health and wellbeing treatments