Regeneration for Better Immunity

When your blood carries extra oxygen it fights bacteria and stimulates the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells throughout your body essentially increasing good cells that fight infections and killing old and poor functioning cells. This accelerates healing and recovery. The therapy has extensively been known to aid in bone & muscle regeneration and heals wounds & scars.

Provides Protection

HBOT provides for a strong push of antioxidant enzymes providing your body with the much needed protection against illnesses such as cardiac arrest, liver damage, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, arthritis etc. Studies have shown the earlier you start the treatment, the less possibility of getting these diseases.

Cognitive health

The increased absorption of oxygen by the blood plasma helps heal damaged brain tissue, increases blood flow to your brain and reduces inflammation in the brain. This not only leaves you feeling rejuvenated and calm after your session but can also enhance your learning & memory capabilities, concentration and ability to multitask. HBOT can be considered as a more natural option that aids in the management of depression, stress, anxiety and general mental clarity. When HBOT is used in conjunction with treatment for long-term brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, tumour’s, Parkinson etc., it has been shown to improve cognitive and motor function.